UNIPAY Platform

Block chain based payment system

Simplifying Procedures, Fast Remittance Process Speed, Remove Reason for Dispute, Simplified Data and Archive

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The UNIPAY Project offers direct improvement to the inconvenience for that trading companies are still spending a lot of time for transactions, and the problems in the current market where they are paying high exchange fees. Fast remittance process can provide convenience to trading companies, and low fees can prevent unnecessary money loss, therefore, trading companies will choose UNIPAY due the advantages of using UNIPAY is more convenient and more profitable



The Corona Virus, which is pushing the world even further with the Delta Mutant Virus, is blowing a trend of digitalization and onlineization in Southeast Asia.The volume of online consumption by young consumers, who are relatively familiar with Internet shopping, has increased significantly, and statistics from Indonesian authorities show that more than 20 to 30 percent of offline consumers who have never been online have turned to the online market. More than 70% of Indonesian consumers who are leading the Southeast Asian market claims that they will continue to use online shopping, instead of offline shopping, and many Southeast Asian consumers already prefer to continue their purchase online.


Simplifying Procedures

Contract-related companies had to pay for transactions through 10 complex process and a central financial institution, but UNIPAY simplifies the process of completing all contractual procedures by negotiating and signing contracts by transferring UNIPAYs.

Fast Remittance Process Speed

UNIPAY can solve the original slow remittance processing time problems and reduce remittance fees by establishing a system that can easily transfer UNIPAY through cryptocurrency wallet support. In addition, since withdrawal of the transaction amount in Rupiah immediately can be done after receiving the payment in UNIPAY, the hassle of exchanging dollars to Rupiah once more can be avoided, and the effect of reducing the exchange fee can be seen.

Remove Reason for Dispute

Due to the nature of the blockchain that the transaction history cannot be manipulated nor modified, all contract contents are recorded as smart contracts, which can prevent disputes over the contract contents that may occur after the contract.

Simplified Data and Archive

Since data is stored through blockchain technology, no manipulation nor changes can be made to the data, and since the hassle of storing data with existing paperwork can be eliminated, data has transparency and reliability, and large amounts of data can be easily stored.


UNIPAY is a cryptocurrency aiming to be used as a major monetary instrument in the Indonesian commerce market. Both importers and exporters will be able to transfer transactions without having to go through financial or centralized institutions on order to avoid unnecessary processes and expensive commission fees, and UNIPAY will allow them to feel the simplicity by low fees, fast transmission speeds and simplified procedures.